Introduction & Networking!

We generate leads for you with an introduction/delivery and a report designed to give you
perspective on the target.

We get you known - the first step in 
"Know-Like-Trust", which is the Beginning of Business!


Our job is to make sure you are found and remembered,      
                  so we work events and network on your behalf.                                                                                                              

We attend after-hour events, meetings, trade shows, and other locations on your behalf. You can be in the office while I am there on your behalf (somewhere where you can't or don't want to be). We can directly communicate through electronic communications, make recordings, and it does not take your or your employe es' time away from the  job.  

Have other ideas how we can help you get the word out?                                            
Call or email, for a free brainstorm session!

E-mail:   [email protected]

Office Ph: 847-726-9535                                Email:
Cell: Buzz, 847-912-9535


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